Manufacture of Phase Transfer Catalyst - Crown Ethers , Fine Chemicals & Drug Intermediates.

Welcome to Sri Hari Labs

Welcome to Sri Hari Labs

Welcome to Sri Hari Labs

Sri Hari Labs based at Tiruvallur, Tamil Nadu, in South India, Sri Hari Labs is a fast growing and a prestigeous manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Crown Ether, Fine Chemicals and Drug Intermediates. Backed by almost 13 years of industry experience.

We are offering to our clients 18-Crown-6 CAS NO: [17455-13-9], 15-Crown-5 CAS NO: [33100-27-5] and Dibenzo-18-Crown-6 CAS NO: [14187-32-7] , Dibenzyl Phosphate CAS No: [1623-08-1] , 3-Bromopropionic Acid CAS No.: [590-92-1], Methyl Benzene Sulphonate CAS No.: [80-18-2] , Indole-3- Carboxaldehyde CAS No.: [487-89-8] and Indole-3-Carbinol CAS No.: [700-06-1].

Widely used in pharmaceutical and Chemicals Industries, these are manufactured using high quality chemical components, to ensure that our clients get the best Quality. We test these products stringently on purity.


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